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It's these posters and what they bring to Gehenna that bring it to life.

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What's vital to Road to Gehenna's narrative is that, unlike The Talos Principle, which made you examine your very nature, you're not central to the experience in the slightest. Sure, the in-game conceit for you even trying to take down these puzzle rooms is that you're Uriel, Elohim's messenger, tasked with freeing everyone he regrettably incarcerated before the simulated world ends. But though you do free posters and evacuate them from the garden, the real crux of Gehenna is the posters themselves, how the threads evolve and change, how the moderation staff's goals shape and conflict with those of the other posters.

‘Gehenna’: Horror film uses the supernatural to show terrors of colonialism and war

In essence, you're just an observer bearing witness to what kind of creature the community has become. Even so, you'll find it thrilling getting to know everyone in the community through their passions, thoughts, and works.

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There's even a Reddit-style upvote-like system designed to encourage quality posting, though not everyone is happy with it. Road to Gehenna simulates community dynamics extremely well. What doesn't work is the fact that the disparate parts of puzzles and message board threads don't really have anything to do with each other. In The Talos Principle, Elohim tasked you with collecting tetrominoes from puzzle rooms to attain enlightenment.

Meanwhile, you the player are left wondering what the point of doing the puzzles really is, which feeds right into the discussions of free will and purpose with the serpent. With Gehenna, everything important is in the terminal segments. Without the questioning acting as a bridge to the game's themes, the puzzles are drained of all meaning and merely serve as more content to sell you. Luckily, the Gehenna bits are really strong by themselves, questioning what constitutes humanity by looking at the things they create and attempting to create things in the same way.

But you can't help but think that Road to Gehenna would have been a much better, more focused game had it been a text adventure instead of one shoehorned into a 3D environmental puzzle game. It's difficult to complain too much, though, when you're given more of the same kind of fantastically devious puzzle design found in The Talos Principle.

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You're going to be banging your head against a wall as you spend days trying to figure out how to get through that one room, finally feeling a tidal wave of elation and cleverness when you solve it. And you're going to enjoy getting to know the denizens of Gehenna as you ponder what of human nature is hidden in its art. It's a shame that these two excellent pieces never truly gel into something even more excellent, but even so, both still make for an enthralling, thoughtful experience together. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss.


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About the Author. Jeremy Signor Jeremy Signor considered The Talos Principle one of his favorite games of and, after fifteen hours with Road To Gehenna, is slightly disappointed it doesn't quite reach the same heights. More GameSpot Reviews. Load Comments The Talos Principle More Info. Devolver Digital. Utgivare: Devolver Digital.

Abortion, the slaughter of children and Gehenna

Franchise: Croteam. Dela Kapsla in. Om detta material The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna follows the narrative of Uriel, Elohim's messenger, as he explores a strange, hidden part of the simulation on a mission of mercy and redemption in an attempt to free the souls of the damned at all costs. This substantial expansion consists of four episodes that take experienced players through some of the most advanced and challenging puzzles yet.

The Talos Principle writers Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes have returned to pen the expansion and show players an entirely different side of Elohim's world through a journey to Gehenna filled with new characters and a new society with its own history and philosophy. Update: Added Russian, Italian and Polish text and voices.

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